Wall Installation

Damask ©Inside Outside
Installed 2012

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
Design: Petra Blaisse, Marieke van den Heuvel
Product development: Hanneke Heydenrijk (Desso), Marieke van den Heuvel

For its new entrance Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam commissioned Inside Outside to create a monumental 14-meter-high textile-based artwork.The 200m2 black and white tapestry ‘Damast / Damask’ complements the architecture of the museum and connects A.W.Weisman’s original 1895 building with the new wing by Benthem Crouwel Architects. The tapestry has been developed in collaboration with Dutch carpet manufacturer Desso, using new and innovative weaving techniques especially developed for this project.

The design is based on the famous French and Belgium 17th century goblin carpets, representing landscapes and historical events. The title ‘Damast’, refers to the ancient subtle game of ‘reversal’ typical for damask weaving. By using drawings from the original building and the new wing, the work literally connects the old and the new. The image of angel root is used in the entire design. This plant is very common in Northern Europe and symbolizes the countryside, referring to the pre-urban space of the museum square. Angel root also refers to goblin carpets and damask, in which plant patterns are often used. In the design the architectural drawings and the image of angel root are in a constant dialogue with each other. Apart from these visual elements, “Damast” also enhances the acoustic quality of the space.

Technical assistance: Aura Luz Melis, Rabia Zuberi

metropolismag.com , arttube.nl