Spatial Design –

Design of installations and exhibitions, with a focus on developing coherent and inspiring stories and translating them into a 3Dimensional environment. Working with various parties – curators, art directors and academics – makes it important to thoroughly understand both content and design intent before creating the experience.My approach has a strong emphasis on routing, intelligent combination of storytelling elements, color and material use, and the effects of acoustics and light.

Textile Design –

Design of fabrics and curtains that vary between interventions in a simple plane or that become spatial objects in themselves; creating rooms within the existing architecture.
Aim is to improve the quality of space by reacting to light and acoustic conditions. Add layers, views and possibly color. Cause a contrast with the surroundings or the other way around, a continuation of the architectural language.

Surface Design –

2D in a 3D context; development of images that play with optical perceptions, movement and nature. Sometimes illusive, sometimes simply beautiful.
My strength is to translate these graphic images and patterns into materials such as carpets, fabrics, tiles and wallpapers which distinctly enrich the architecture in which it is applied and/or displayed.
Designs are often executed with a specific reference to scale and context and have a strong emphasis on innovation of the applied techniques.